From Fortune 500 companies to the plumber across the street, Diva Promotional Products dazzles its customers with programs and items that raise their brand value and set them apart from the ordinary – all through the creative magic and incredible experience of the D.


On–Line Catalogue

You may like to look around at various product ideas first before deciding on your idea or theme. Click on this link to go to the home of Diva's on–line catalogue of over 100,000 promotional products! You'll find them all carefully organized into specific categories to help narrow your search.

If you don't see quite what you're looking for, please remember that Diva is always here to provide you with incredible ideas – all enhanced by the creative magic of the D.

Note: All pricing is suggested U.S.A only. Diva will come back to you with a price in your country's currency that will dazzle you!

Events & Conferences

Most events and conferences revolve around a theme. Many require a variety of promotional product components from welcome kits to table settings, session items, and more.

D works with you to develop your theme and enhances it with promotional products that add sparkle and zest to each and every point in your program or campaign.

Whether it's Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis, Vancouver, or somewhere in your own area, she knows how to bring it all together no matter where it takes place – on time and on budget.

Incentives & Recognition

Encouraging employees or team members towards a specific action or goal?

Honouring them for reaching a milestone, landmark, or objective?

Diva has experience with countless programs of every shape and size imaginable. From employee of the month to team motivation, the D knows what works and what doesn't. She will help serve up just the right program to achieve the results you're looking for.

About the D

Deborah Young, affectionately known as the D, is truly the Diva of promotional products. Throughout her 25 years in the promotional products industry, she has built her reputation on quality product at an exceptional price with unsurpassed service.

Whether it's a 35,000 quantity shirt order for a Fortune 500 company or a 100 piece pen order for the plumber across the street, the D applies the same creativity, care, and importance to each and every order. With access to over 3,500 vendors across North America, she is known for finding just the right product at the right price.

The D is a shopper extraordinaire – ask anyone who knows her! She understands her industry inside and out and is ready to use it on your next project. Her ideas are outstanding – always with a creative flair.

Call the D at Diva for a quote today!

Small Business

Small business owners know that they need to keep themselves in front of their customers while trying to find new customers to keep their business viable.

There's no doubt that promotional products are a hands-on addition to advertising and promoting your business. But is a pen or a fridge magnet the right item to do it with?

Have a look at Diva's on-line catalogue of over 100,000

product lines to see the unlimited ideas out there. Then,

contact the D at Diva not only for great Canadian

pricing, but for ideas you haven't even thought of.